Workplace Culture Maturity Awards

Companies with strong safety cultures are statistically safer

Recognition program for Ontario mining and forest products companies

You strive to ensure every worker goes home safe and healthy, and so does Workplace Safety North (WSN). The Workplace Culture Maturity Awards are intended to recognize and celebrate your journey towards a positive health and safety culture.

In 2017, the Institute for Work and Health validated the WSN Climate Assessment and Audit Tool (CAAT) and found that companies with strong safety cultures had fewer cases of injured worker compensation claims.

Now you have the opportunity to make use of this tool and qualify for an award from Workplace Safety North. The Workplace Culture Maturity Awards makes the most of this recent evidence-based research. It uses a staff perception survey to measure the current cultural ‘climate’ in the workplace.

These awards are open to forest products and mining companies served by Workplace Safety North, including forestry, paper, printing, and converting sectors, as well as surface and underground mining operations.

You can use this award application process to assess your workplace safety culture on a regular basis. Your company not only qualifies for an award, but it also gets valuable information on how to improve. The award acknowledges your current progress as well as plans to address gaps in workplace culture.

Benefits of applying for the Workplace Culture Maturity Awards

  • Demonstrate a commitment to health and safety
  • Get external recognition for your commitment to health and safety
  • Build a safer and healthier workplace
  • Strengthen organizational health and safety standards
  • Create healthy and safe organizations 
  • Foster supportive leadership and encourage employee ownership of safety
  • Create a learning culture through self-refection and continuous improvement
  • Promote the priority of health and safety 

How to apply for a Workplace Culture Maturity Award

  1. Download and review Applicant Guide and Application Form
  2. Complete application and submit between Jan. 31 and Oct. 31
  3. Qualifying firms complete their assessment before Nov. 30
  4. WSN analyzes and shares results by Dec. 15
  5. Award presentation at Mining Health and Safety Conference (mining firms) in April, and at WSN Annual General Meeting (all firms) in September (following year).

For more information, contact WSN customer care.

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Climate Assessment and Audit Tool (CAAT): Measuring workplace health and safety culture and systems