Ontario Mine Rescue Resources

Ontario Mine Rescue Mine Operator Self-Audit Tool

Ontario Mine Rescue Refuge Station Report

Ontario Mine Rescue Body Recovery Report

Heat Stress Report and Standard

Health and Safety Report: Mutual Aid Agreements

Emergency Simulation Guideline

Emergency Preparedness Report

Emergency Response Planning for Surface Mines

Emergency Response Planning for Shaft Sinking

MLITSD Emergency Preparedness and Response Blitz

Ontario Mine Rescue Handbook

PDF Edition

This is the most recent edition of the handbook, published 2022 with error corrections of the 2021 edition.

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OMR Memorandum of Understanding

2016 Service Delivery MOU

Standard Resources

Casualty Report

Proposed Handbook Revisions

Heat Stress Chart

Demerit Sheets

BG4 Assembly

BG4 Disassembly

BG4 Field Test

BG4 Function Test

BG4 Record Sheet

BG4 Out of O2

BG4 Under O2

Briefing Officer Report

Briefing Officer 20 Points

Bolt Cutter Field Test

CAFS Field Test

Captain's Report

CAREvent Donning

CAREvent Field Test

CAREvent Post-Use Test

Casualty Report

Chemguard Field Test

Diesel Fire Pump Field Test

Diesel Fire Pump Post-Use

eDraulics Field Test

Educator Field Test

Fire Extinguisher Field Test

Fire Hose and Nozzle Field Test

Fire Hose Field Test

Hammer Drill Field Test

Handy Hydrant Field Test

Heat Exposure Standard

KED Field Test

Kestrel Field Test

Lifting Bag Field Test

MX6 iBrid Field Test

MX6 iBrid Record Sheet

Procedures Demerits

Procedures (Descriptions)

ProPak Field Test

Reciprocating Saw Field Test

Rock Splitter Field Test

Scribe Notes

Spec-Pak Field Test

SSR90 M Donning

SSR90 M Field Test

Standard Equipment Field Test

Stretcher Field Test

Tablet Field Test

TIC Draeger 9000 Field Test

TIC Evolution 5200 Field Test

Water Powered Foam Generator Field Test