Introduction To Professional Cable Skidding: Full Course

The Introduction of Professional Cable Skidding (IPCS) course is intended for cable skidding operators in conventional logging operations and consists of one day of classroom training and a half-day of field demonstration. Participants can choose to attend the one-day classroom training only, or attend the full course. The full course is a comprehensive training and evaluation system designed to ensure that all workers, chainsaw and cable skidder operators, in the conventional logging sector of the forestry industry, have the skills and knowledge they require to operate a cable skidder safely and efficiently in a logging operation as defined by the Ministry of Labour.

The one-day classroom training gives participants the necessary knowledge to safely operate and maintain a cable skidder in a professional logging environment. The course trains participants to identify significant hazards and describes the requirements for personal protective equipment maintenance and fire prevention, including: understand safe procedures for machine start-up, travel, parking and shutdown, as well as trail maintenance and hazard controls related to choking, winching and piling loads.

The half-day field demonstration includes such procedures as circle check.

Intended Audience

The course is intended for cable skidding operators in conventional logging operations.

1.5 days
Forest Products
Material(s) included with this course
  • Participant Manual- Safe Skidding Manual- Principles of Rigging, Hoisting, & Towing on Logging Operations