Health and Safety Representative Basic Training

This one-day E-learning program is provided in a tracked version which ensures each participant will receive a certificate of completion and a record of the training will be kept and retained.

A Health and Safety Representative (HSR) is required in most Ontario workplaces that regularly employ 6 to 19 workers. Some workplaces are required to have an HSR in other circumstances (see

The Health and Safety Rep’s job is to help keep the workplace safe and healthy. Workers choose the HSR, unless the workplace has a union, in which case the union selects them. Larger workplaces with 20 or more employees need a Joint Health and Safety Committee.

This course is delivered as an online e-learning course, designed to help you learn at your own pace and in your own environment at your convenience. You will need a computer (desktop or laptop) and access to the internet.

Topics covered:

  • Occupational health and safety law
  • Rights, duties, and responsibilities of workplace parties
  • Duties and responsibilities of the HSR under the OHSA
  • Common workplace hazards
  • Applying the RACE methodology (recognize, assess, control, and evaluate) to a workplace hazard
  • Health and safety resources available to workplace parties

Additional information

View the French language training: Délégués à la santé et à la sécurité (DSS)

Health and Safety Representatives – Ontario

Guide for health and safety committees and representatives – Ontario

Intended Audience:

Existing or newly appointed worker Health and Safety Representatives. Applicable to all sectors, this course is relevant to all Ontario workplaces that regularly employ 6 to 19 workers.

1 day
Equipment needed

A computer (desktop or laptop) and access to the internet.