Due Diligence and IRS: A Supervisor's Guide

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It can be a daunting task for many organizations to develop and maintain an effective occupational health and safety system that protects workers, complies with legislation and limits exposure to criminal and civil liability. Supervisors have a key role to play in this process. They also have very specific legal duties and responsibilities for workplace health and safety.
This program has been designed to make supervisors aware of their supervisory responsibilities in regards to due diligence and the internal responsibility system and to provide them with information on how to exercise them effectively.

The course material covers the following topics:

  • The terms due diligence, competent person and supervisor as they relate to the supervisor's role
  • The principles of the internal responsibility system (IRS) and how to apply those principles to the supervisor's role
  • The duties of various workplace parties under the OHS Act and how they interact to support the IRS
  • Incident causation theory and the implications of Bill C-45 on organizations and supervisors
  • How to establish due diligence, including a health and safety program, and how to establish a defence of due diligence
  • How management can practise due diligence.

Intended Audience: 
This course is intended for supervisors, managers and directors of companies and OHS managers, trainers and supervisors.


0.5 day
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