Chainsaw Training: Felling & Limbing Techniques

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Felling, Limbing, Bucking and Forest Hazards is the third of four modules that comprise the mandatory Introduction to Professional Chainsaw Operation training program. The purpose of this module is to explain proper felling and limbing techniques.
Among the specific cutting techniques and safety issues covered in the module are:
•Felling-area hazards and felling patterns
•Choosing the direction of fall
•Preparing the escape route and the removal of hazardous trees
•The notch, backcut and hinge
•Limbing hazards and limbing techniques
•Bucking hazards and safety tips
•Felling aids
•Dealing with chicots, hang-ups, freestanding trees, sprinpoles and other problem trees
•Hazardous working conditions 
•Working near powerlines, utilities, roads, and trails
•Selective cutting and bridging
Intended Audience: 

The course is intended for new workers or current cutters in logging operations and non-logging operations utilizing chainsaws. Individual elements, modules and adapted areas of the training and curriculum are also useful for safe chainsaw operation training of operators not employed in logging.


0.5 day
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