Mining webinar: MOL inspection blitz on conveyor guarding

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Webinar Presentations
Lockout and Guarding
On May 10, 2018, Ministry of Labour (MOL) and Workplace Safety North co-hosted a webinar regarding the MOL inspection blitz on conveyor guarding.
From June 1 to July 31, 2018, the MOL will conduct a provincial inspection blitz to raise awareness and address health and safety hazards related to conveyor guarding in Ontario mines and mining plants.
Topics included:
  • Conveyor guarding of pinch points and moving parts
  • Emergency stopping systems
  • Worker safety around unguarded conveyors while conveyor is operating including
    • Safety policies, procedures, and practices in the workplace such as locking and tagging procedures when repairs, adjustments or other maintenance work is performed on conveyors; and
    • Effective precautions to ensure worker safety when working around conveyor while conveyor is operating, such as inspections, adjustments and repairs.
  • Resource information
Conveyor guarding - Ministry of Labour
Belt conveyor guarding - Workplace Safety North
Guide to equipment guarding - Mine Safety and Health Administration