WSN Congratulates Innovative Safety Barrier Maker on Dragon’s Den Success

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Mining Health and Safety innovations came to CBC’s TV show the Dragon’s Den last week.

Great Nipissing Tent was rewarded as one of the Dragons bought in with a 25 percent stake, offering up $275,000 to help increase the production of the “Barrier-to-Go” kits.

The “Barrier-to-Go” is a customizable warning sign that fits into a small bag. Each kit contains a 25 foot long, 3/8” wide rope. The rope is braided at one end with a closed S hook at the other. A rope ratchet allows the line to be tightened. The company has in-house printing making the signs customizable to varying mine sites.

WSN thanks Great Nipissing Tent for helping to keep miners safe.