What to expect at 2017 Mining Health and Safety Conference

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Variety of keynote speakers and technical presentations

Speaker being filmed at 2016 mining health and safety conferenceThis year, the annual Mining Health and Safety Conference in Sudbury from April 18 to 20, features a variety of professional and community-based keynote speakers, as well as an Innovators Panel discussing mining safety. 

After its successful launch last year, conference host Workplace Safety North offers free video livestream of conference keynote speakers and trade show from 10:00 to 5:00 pm on Wednesday, April 19. 

Jody Urquhart, motivational speaker and former stand-up comedian, opens the conference with a humorous talk on facing the future and navigating change in the workplace. Alistair Ross, mining industry expert, discusses the role of leadership in achieving zero harm, and Dr. Michel Larivière will focus on research regarding mental health in mining. 

Ontario Mine Rescue recaps the 2016 International Mine Rescue Competition, hosted in Canada for the first time. In addition, the conference offers a special presentation from the McIntyre Powder Project on its work investigating the health effects of aluminum dust used in Ontario mines. 

The technical sessions on Thursday, April 20, feature presentations on the topics of mining health and safety research and innovations, emergency preparedness and mine rescue, health and safety management systems, communication technology, and occupational hazards. 

Technical sessions include:

  • 20/20 Hindsight of Health
  • Burst-prone ground support study at KGHM’s Morrison Mine
  • Critical incidents in the workplace – mitigating effects on staff 
  • Cyanide code for gold and silver mining
  • Developing a five-year strategic safety plan
  • Diesel Exhaust - Need to monitor exposure and further reduce occupational exposure limit
  • Introduction of MD bolts as part of dynamic support system in rock-burst damaged areas at Copper Cliff Mine - A case study
  • Leading indicators in industrial hygiene
  • Mine rescue 2.0: Strengthening mine rescue communications
  • Predictive fatigue risk management in mining
  • The safety benefits of new technology at Kidd Creek Mine
  • Analysis of emergency decision-making environment in underground coal mines
  • To the point without the pinch: The right way to guard
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) - Applications in Mining
  • Versa Bolt Ground Support  
  • Centre for Research in Ocuppational Safety and Health (CROSH) Panel
  • NORCAT Panel

On Thursday afternoon, the innovation and safety awards luncheon recognizes achievements in mining health and safety, and keynote speaker Dr. Mark Devolder wraps-up the conference with a presentation about embracing change, an important element to invoke innovation.


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