Ontario mining health and safety conference April 5 to 7 in Sudbury

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Workplace Safety North hosts annual event 

Speaker at podium of mining health and safety conferenceFrom April 5 to 7 in Sudbury, Workplace Safety North (WSN) hosts 200 attendees at the annual provincial Mining Health and Safety Conference. The event brings together Ontario’s mining industry to share knowledge and innovation regarding safety programs and hazards specific to mining.

“In addition to welcoming miners from across the province, we’re pleased to announce Ontario’s Chief Prevention Officer, George Gritziotis, will be providing an update on the 2015 Mining Health, Safety and Prevention Review,” says Candys Ballanger-Michaud, WSN President and Chief Executive Officer. “It’s an exceptionally busy year for WSN and the Sudbury community as we’re also hosting the International Mines Rescue Competition in Sudbury this August—the first time this global event takes place in Canada, and we’d like to thank our sponsors for supporting these very important workplace safety events.”

“Mining is a vital and technically demanding industry,” notes Ballanger-Michaud. “WSN has 24 mining health and safety specialists and mine rescue officers who provide specialized services and training across Ontario, including expertise in mine ventilation, ground control, electrical-mechanical safety, rescue and recovery operations, priority hazards. WSN also helps mining companies assess health and safety risks and meet legislative requirements.”

New for 2016: industry leaders panel, extended hours and expanded location for trade show, plus live video streaming of Wednesday presentations. Conference keynote speakers feature Candace Carnahan, a workplace safety advocate who survived a devastating workplace incident that was preventable; comedian and motivational speaker, Big Daddy Tazz, discusses mental health stigma, and miner’s daughter Lisa Lounsbury talks about preventing workplace fatigue. 

Technical sessions deal with specific mining hazards such as: blasting strategy, overhead production raises, seismic data, rockbursts, gas detection, working at heights, in addition to research updates from University of Toronto, Institute of Work & Health, and Centre for Research in Occupational Safety and Health at Laurentian University. 

More than 30 exhibitors, including 3M Canada, Draeger Safety Canada, Electrical Safety Authority, and St. John’s Ambulance are participating in a one-day tradeshow.

On the final day of the conference, the Ontario Mine Contractors Safety Association presents the Safety Innovation Awards for the most innovative tools and techniques to improve mine safety, and WSN presents Workplace Excellence Awards to Ontario mining companies that have excelled in health and safety. Keynote speaker Paul Huschilt will provide a comedic summary of the conference designed to send participants home thinking about everything they’ve learned.

For more information, including full conference program: http://www.workplacesafetynorth.ca/subsite/mining-health-and-safety-conference.