Northern Ontario Safety Group shares in $1.4 million rebate

Monday, November 04, 2013

Safety Groups provide businesses with access to one of the most effective workplace health and safety resources in Ontario

Workplace Safety North is pleased to report that the Northern Ontario Safety Group (NOSG) Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) rebate for the 2012 program year is 4.12 percent (out of a possible 6 percent), which totals $1.4 million. 

“This is the thirteenth year in a row, since its inception, that the Northern Ontario Safety Group has enjoyed a financial rebate," says Rose Bedard, WSN Prevention Services Assistant - Safety Groups. "And more importantly, participating firms had significant reductions in the frequency and severity of lost-time injuries. In 2012 alone, the NOSG reduced their lost-time injury frequency by 14.29 percent from the previous year, and lost-time injury severity was reduced by an impressive 23.80 percent. This significant year-after-year impact on the elimination of workplace injuries really shows how the Safety Group program helps companies develop a significantly healthier and safer workplace.”

Congratulations to Safety Group member firms! And thanks to all northern Health and Safety Ontario consultants and staff who assisted the Northern Ontario Safety Group throughout the year via promotion, communication, meeting preparations and facilitation to ensure the success of the group.  

WSN Video: Safety Groups - There's Safety in Numbers, WSIB Rebate Program

The Northern Ontario Safety Group recruitment campaign is now accepting applications for 2014.