Healthy Workplace Month kicks off with free mental health training

Monday, September 25, 2023

Workplace Safety North hosts sessions in Sudbury, Timmins, and Thunder Bay

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To celebrate Healthy Workplace Month, Workplace Safety North (WSN) is hosting free in-person mental health training sessions in October throughout northern Ontario.

Adrienne Allam, Lindsay Digby, and Melanie Jorgensen are WSN Health and Safety Specialists who are also certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisors with the Canadian Mental Health Association. They will host the sessions in Thunder Bay, Sudbury, and Timmins respectively.

Participants can attend a half-day session on mental health awareness. Those who have attended Mental Health 101 and are in a supervisory role can also register for the full-day session Workplace Mental Health: A Framework for Leaders.

“These essential mental health sessions are designed for workers, supervisors, and employers,” says Lindsay Digby, WSN Health and Safety Specialist, “and provide a strong foundation for each person’s workplace mental health journey.

“Ever since the pandemic, the conversation around mental health has really opened up, and the opportunity to continue that conversation in person makes for effective learning,” says Digby. “People are slowly readjusting to post-Covid life and I highly recommend taking the time to learn more about mental health, especially in the workplace.”

“Mental Health 101 training explores how your role in the workplace has the power to affect the well-being of those around you,” says Adrienne Allam, WSN Health and Safety Specialist. “In the session, you’ll learn about the mental health continuum, stress response, personal action plans, and identify steps we can all take to help stamp out the stigma around us.

“The workplace mental health leadership training covers mental health awareness as well as the concept of psychological health and safety in the workplace and what makes a psychologically safe leader,” adds Allam.

Participants are encouraged to register for the half-day of training. Those in supervisory roles may wish to also register the full-day session for leaders. Mental Health 101 is a pre-requisite for the leadership course. Sessions are limited to 20 participants, so people are encouraged to act quickly to reserve their place.

Learn more or register by clicking the links below:

Half-day training: Mental Health 101 – Sept. 29-Oct. 12 Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Timmins

Full-day training: Workplace Mental Health: A Framework for Leaders – Oct. 19 Sudbury, Thunder Bay


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