Ergonomic leading practices for paper, printing and converting sector

Monday, October 03, 2016

Risks and recommendations specific to operators of rotary die cutter-press and flat-bed die press

Ergonomics: Safe Use of Flat-Bed Press

Ergonomics: Safe Use of Rotary Die-Cutter Press

Cover of ergonomic leading practicesFor workers in the paper, printing and converting sector, identified risk factors for pains, strains, and fractures (also known as musculoskeletal disorders), include manual handling of pallets, sheets, dies, and work posture.

To prevent injury, leading industry practices include recommendations to improve, reduce, or eliminate manual handling, as well as ensuring a waist-to-shoulder working height at all times.

Issues for these workers include neck, shoulder and lower back strains, as well as hand and arm discomfort. These free downloadable pdfs include overview, operator primary tasks, as well as the top risks, and recommendations to prevent injury and illness.

For more prevention information on musculoskeletal disorders visit WSN Resources for priority hazards