Due to increased incidents, Safe Driving on Forest Roads e-course available at reduced price

Monday, December 14, 2020

Save more than 70% on important logging sector health and safety training

Vehicles on snowy logging forestry roadRecently, there has been a large increase in winter weather-related travel incidents on forestry roads. Each of these incidents have come with a high-risk potential.

Based on this high level of concern, for a limited time until September 1, Safe Driving on Forest Roads e-learning course is available for only $25 per person (regular price $90).

“The Safe Driving on Forest Roads e-learning course, which takes about three hours to complete, is designed with the learner in mind,” says Tom Welton, Prevention Services Director at Workplace Safety North.

“Highly interactive and engaging, with a variety of media, the course is perfect for both new and experienced forestry road users,” adds Welton.

Pick-up truck collision, motor vehicle incident

Course topics

  • Characteristics and types of logging roads
  • Duties and rights of workers
  • Types of vehicles travelling on logging roads and legislation
  • Safe, defensive, and seasonal driving practices
  • Components of a circle check
  • Radio communication system.

Review of operator safety considerations

  • Load haul truck
  • Passenger-carrying vehicle
  • Service truck or personal vehicle
  • Snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

Intended course audience: drivers on forest roads who operate haul trucks, or company, personal, or passenger vehicles.

Buy before Sept. 1 and save more than 70%

“We are so appreciative of the involvement of logging industry experts who volunteer on the WSN board of directors, and to all those who help make Ontario workplaces and communities safer,” says Welton.

For more information, contact your local Ontario logging health and safety specialist.


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