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December 2013: Mandatory safety training deadline announced for Ontario employers

Other articles include:

A holiday message from Workplace Safety North
New 2014 health and safety regional training schedule now available online 
New faces and retirement announcements at WSN
Ladders and lights: Holiday safety tips
Why join a safety group by December 31?
Two Ontario logging fatalities in two years
Dec. 4 celebrated as international Miners Day
Hazard Alert: Beware the chicot danger zone
Hazard Alert: Work safely around guardrails - never reach through or over top
Video: Chicots - The Silent Threat

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November 2013: White out! Winter driving safety tips – on and off the job

Other articles include:

Workplace cancer prevention guide released
Northern Ontario safety group shares $1.4 million rebate
Video: Yard Loader Safety Training
Combustible dust alert: Increased risk of dust explosion during winter months
The road less travelled: Safe winter driving on logging roads
Global mine rescue conference wraps up with field trip to Sudbury
Perception vs. Reality: Survey helps company transform health and safety culture
Why your health and safety dashboard should including both lagging and leading indicators

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October 2013: Health and safety excellence in Ontario workplaces recognized by Workplace Safety North

Other articles include:

WSN advisory committees report on industry trends and activities
Fire Prevention Week October 6-12
October is Healthy Workplace Month
Occupation cancer is biggest killer
Video: Safe Chainsaw Handling
Forestry "key economic driver" in northern Ontario
World's deepest base metal mine wins President's Award from Workplace Safety North
So you think you know safety: Technical Advisory Committees on lookout for new members
Kruger: A winning safety package

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September 2013: Oh, deer! How to avoid highway collisions with wildlife

Other articles include:

Werner Herzog documentary on distracted driving receives more than 2 million YouTube views
WSN 2012 annual report now available
New growth for Ontario forest products industry
FAQ: What can you do to protect yourself from West Nile Virus?
A-twitter about workplace health and safety? Using persuasive technology
Prepared for MOL ground control inspection blitz?
Ontario to host global mine rescue conference
Do you use solvent 1-bromopropane in your workplace?
Video – Yard Loader Safety Training
Hazard Alert: 1-Bromopropane

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August 2013: How social norms put the brakes on bad driving habits

Other articles include:

MOL 2013-14 sector plans now available
Health Canada, OSHA agreement to align hazardous communication standards
No WSIB premium rate increase for 2014
Hazard Alert: Heat Stress
Video – Risk Assessment: No Time Like Now
Ergonomics for truckers - video
Protecting outdoor workers from tick bites and Lyme disease
Ontario to step up safety enforcement in mining operations
Mining Rescue Communications: A Matter of Life and Death
Research report on printing press dangers zones

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July 2013: How does the new national workplace safety training standard affect you?

Other articles include:

Fact-finding panel releases 2,4,5-T report
WSN hosts annual staff week and awards
Our boys from Brazil
Video – Industrial lift truck operation
Loader-assisted cargo securement for log trucks helps reduce musculoskeletal injuries for drivers
MOL inspection blitz results on underground mining ventilation hazards
Kidd Mine rescuers tops in Ontario
Supreme Court of Canada overturns random alcohol testing policy

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June 2013: A theory of incidents: You are your brother and sister’s keeper

Other articles include:

Can’t stand the heat? Tips on managing heat stress
WSN staff updates – new updates and sad goodbyes
New volume discounts for safety training at WSN
Video - Zombies for Workplace Safety
Video – You’re Responsible Too!
New approach to studying silviculture injuries
Ontario Mine Rescue feature on Discovery channel
Video - MOL launches new mining mobile equipment inspection video
Ontario repeals industrial exception for engineering work

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May 2013: Enforcement of new mandatory health and safety training in 2014

Other articles include:

New MOL presentation helps workplaces prepare for upcoming inspection blitz
Fire and explosion at Texas plant
Video – Young Worker Orientation
Hazard Alert – Experienced cutter killed by freestanding tree
2013 Mining Health and Safety Conference wrap-up report and photos
Awards recognize excellence in workplace health and safety
Paper mill launches investigation into cancer concerns

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April 2013: High risk for new workers an ongoing issue

Other articles include:

MOL announces blitz inspection schedule for 2013-2014
Government asks for public input on workplace safety
MOL blitz results: Manufacturing blitz 2012
Video: Will you think of Dave?
Attention sawmill owners and operators: Follow-up reports to 2012 sawmill explosion
Into the wild: Tree planting in northern Ontario
Mining Health and Safety Conference April 2013
Under the research microscope: Communication project for Ontario Mine Rescue
Ontario Mine Rescue fire training scenarios featured on Discovery Channel
Hazard Alert: Unsecure load results in fatality

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It’s just a few feet or maybe it’s more, in either situation falls from heights hurt, and occasionally kill, Ontario workers. Every Worker tells the story of how much pain even a short fall can cause a worker, and focuses on how such falls from ladders and equipment can be prevented. This issue also examines how the final part of any fall protection plan for working at heights includes emergency response.