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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Make a difference: Join the WSN Board of Directors

2014-2015 WSN Annual Report

Conference table and chairsAre you a senior executive with leadership experience in Ontario’s forestry, mining, and pulp, paper, printing and converting industries, or the northern Ontario business community? Workplace Safety North (WSN) is actively recruiting for its board of directors.

“Our organization provides board members with a unique opportunity to support occupational health and safety within their industry and community,” says Candys Ballanger-Michaud, WSN President and Chief Executive Officer. “WSN is one of the four designated health and safety associations in Ontario and its legacy extends back more than 100 years.”

An independent not-for-profit organization, WSN is a leading provider of health and safety services, training, and resources for mining, mine rescue, forestry, paper, printing and converting sectors, as well as northern Ontario businesses across all sectors.

To fulfill its safety mandate, WSN maintains closeness and familiarity with the day-to-day realities of Ontario resource industries, and oversees Ontario Mine Rescue. Companies participate in WSN-sponsored research, planning and events – all of which have helped to build solid working relationships with industry. Businesses depend upon WSN for expert advice and information, classroom and online training programs, on-site consultations, health and safety audits, industrial hygiene testing, ergonomic assessments, and specific problem-solving. 

Opportunity to provide leadership

WSN board members have the opportunity to provide leadership in the health and safety field within the business community and influence the strategic direction of Workplace Safety North. It’s also an opportunity for your company to be recognized as a leader in healthy workplaces. The WSN Board is inclusive (gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, cultural needs, visible minority, and persons with special needs) and representative of the workplaces, the sectors and communities it serves. 

Choosing to invest your time and experience with the WSN Board of Directors is rewarding and will provide an invaluable leadership opportunity to the right volunteer. The role provides companies with a unique opportunity to influence and raise the profile of prevention as a centerpiece for any corporate social responsibility program. For more information, please visit: