Health and Safety Excellence program

Health and Safety Excellence Program 

Helping Ontario businesses improve safety and earn rewards 

The Health and Safety Excellence program is a performance-based rewards program from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) which supports the development of a living and breathing health and safety program for your business. 
The Excellence program provides Ontario businesses a clear roadmap on how to improve workplace health and safety. Workplace Safety North is an approved provider of the Excellence program.
Whether you’re just getting started or want to improve the systems and processes you already have in place, the Excellence program can help you reach your goals.
Participants can earn both financial and non-financial rewards and create safer workplaces.

What’s new

WSN HSEp registrations for 2022 are now closed, stay tuned for the announcement of 2023 registration

  • Employers can work on one to five health and safety topics in a 12-month period.

  • Added convenience of a variety of meeting times and methods (virtual and face-to-face)

  • Financial and non-financial recognition based on individual participant performance.

  • Employers submit program documentation online for WSN prior to WSIB validation.

  • Employers choose program topics of most relevance to reducing injury for their workplace.

Benefits for businesses

  1. Safer and healthier workplace: Improve your health and safety experience for workers and clients.

  2. Shared knowledge and networking: Gain access to a team of leading health and safety experts and network with peers to help you meet common health and safety challenges.

  3. Access resources: Get exclusive access to WSN member resources.

  4. Leading edge: Participate in a health and safety culture survey to help you build health and safety practices that move you to an advanced standard of excellence.

  5. Save money and time: Earn rebates and lower your premiums while improving morale and productivity.

  6. Peace of mind: Build a well-crafted and functional health and safety program.

Keeping people safe and healthy at work is good for business

How the Excellence program works

  1. Complete an assessment and select one to five topics to work on for the year. For 100 + years, WSN has provided health and safety consultation and training services to the resource industries of Ontario.

  2. Develop: Learn and implement safety topic(s) with the support of WSN.

  3. Demonstrate: Submit evidence of implementation for review by WSN first, then by a WSIB validator.

  4. Achieve: An improved health and safety program, and receive rebates and recognition.

Financial and non-financial rewards

The Excellence program provides the opportunity to earn rebates and lower premium rates based on the new 2020 Rate Framework. 
Additional rewards include an improved health and safety program for participating employer workplaces due to focused attention on building knowledge and implementing plans.
An Excellence program participation badge will be visible on your WSIB webpage when a firm’s action plan is approved by the WSIB (updated quarterly).
Firms will receive additional recognition on their WSIB webpage for each topic and level completed, as well as number of years in the program.
An annual achievement report will be sent to employers from the WSIB to reflect their progress in the program.

How can WSN help?

WSN makes it easier for you to develop and implement health and safety programs. You are provided with everything you need:
  • Assistance and guidance on the registration process

  • Expert advice on setting goals for improvement based on your workplace assessment

  • Professional coaching in the development of your action plan and program completion

  • Continuous support throughout the program

How to Register

WSN will be accepting registrations January 1 to February 18, 2022. Firms can register and have one year to complete program requirements. To learn more contact, Rose Bédard, Prevention Services Assistant, 705-474-7233 ext 291 

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